Freedom an Illusion?

Freedom is considered as one of the basic human rights in the society. However the concept of “Freedom” itself is not that clear. For some the freedom is to follow one’s own desires and motives and for others it is to conform the social and cultural norms. However in my opinion freedom is an illusion which keeps the person in a state where he or she feels that they are free however in reality they are not free. And if they will try to go out from that illusion to be free they will get resistance from the “freedom of illusion” that is being wrapped on them by the societal power.

Since the development of human civilizations different social and political systems had been developed into the society. However in most cases these systems cannot run side by side because their values, norms and definitions of different concepts are quite different from each other. So all these systems either try to change the other systems or try to resist the change among them proposed by other systems. So in competition of these systems and values one system wins and then remaining systems either have to follow the main system or modify their values until some extent so that they can move in society as well.

When a political or social system comes into a power the rest of the world have no other choice but to follow the values, concepts and philosophies of that system because they cannot progress in the society if they will not follow the system in power. But it doesn’t mean that their own ideologies or philosophies are wrong. May be they are better than the system in power but they have to follow the one in power. So they are free until they are following the definition of freedom devised by the system in power. The moment they will try to follow their own ideology or system they will get resistance from the main system.

This resistance happens because system in power doesn’t want to give a chance to any other system to come even close to its own status. So in most cases the system in power pushes its own values to other systems and shows that how other system’s values are degradable and not good for the society. And as majority follows the main system so the world accepts everything it says and do not analyze deeply or think critically about it. They think that they are free however in reality they are being used by the main system and are wrapped in the illusion of freedom.

In short different ideologies have been evolved and will be still evolving until the mankind exists. The main concern is that before conforming to any system’s values or following any certain ideology it is quite important to compare and analyze the different systems critically and then follow a certain system. After an unbiased evaluation of different systems it does not matter one follows the main system in power or the smaller systems which are opposite to the main system.




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