Different Laws for Different Societies

Humans are different from one another. They are divided in different tribes and nations across the world and follow their own ideologies of life. Sometimes these different ideologies of life clashes with each other and one major ideology comes into power that affects other ideologies. Laws are the basic part of one’s ideology and one has a right to define what is lawful and unlawful for themselves as far as it doesn’t hurt other’s freedom or ideology. In following essay we will see that how implementing same laws in different societies and ideologies lead towards violence and unrest.

A survey was conducted in Pakistan in April 2013 by BBC in which more than half of 5,000 18-29 year-old Pakistanis polled said democracy had not been good for them or the country.[1] They preferred Sharia laws or Military rule over democracy. This survey represents that people of Pakistan are not so happy with the democratic government they have. They want to live their lives according to their own ideologies preferably derived from Sharia laws or military rule. However the reality is that there is democracy in country and some of the militant groups wanted and even tried to implement sharia laws in the country which causes a huge unrest on individual level as well as on national level.

USA always opposed the establishment of Sharia laws in any country in world included Pakistan. The main reason behind that is that Sharia laws are quite strict and violate basic human rights of people.[2] Here a question arises in mind that if people of a specific country or place want to live according to their own rules and definition of human rights then what is wrong in it?  Why they must follow the laws defined by different ideologies and definitions of human rights? Here someone might suggest that may be ‘natives’ are oppressed and do not know what they want. Well it is true there are several societies in which people are oppressed and have ignorance. However rather than ‘enlightening’ them on certain specific ideology, it will be better to give them different ideologies to choose from and let them decide to choose without any manipulation whatsoever.

Establishment of system means establishment of laws in a society. Recently all over the world most of the unrest is because of imposing one law’s on others and thinking that we are always right and it’s our responsibility to tell other people that they are wrong. This mainly happens when one ideology feels the threat from other ideology that it will change it or take its place. We have a real example of this in present world in the case of IS and Al Qaeeda in one hand and US, western ideology on other hand. Problem arises when one try to impose its own laws on others which think different but does it mean that if they are different then they are wrong?  Same goes for IS and US in this scenario. Both want to impose their own ideologies and laws to others regardless of what others believe or think or even want.

To solve this problem there is only one way to let others define what is good and bad for them including laws rather than imposing our own definition of good and bad on them. And all of this must happens with the condition of not affecting one’s ideology. For example in Britain there is a proposal for establishment of Sharia courts for Muslims there. This will be a good approach to have a diversified and multicultural society with mutual respect and understanding. And this suggestion is not confined only for western societies, same goes for the religious societies in general.

[1] http://www.bbc.com/news/world-22001263

[2] http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/01/world/asia/brunei-sharia-law/


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