Classification of Beliefs

To understand that why we believe in dumb things, the first step is to understand belief itself. To do so we have to consider the classification system of beliefs. After a solid understanding of classification we will be able to know that why we believe in dumb things. There are two ways we can classify the beliefs. One classification is the ways of developing certain beliefs and second classification is based on the ecological level of society. In the following paragraphs I will explain beliefs on the basis of these two classifications.
Beliefs can be developed in two ways. The first way which is most common around the world is to believe something without questioning. We follow this approach mainly because of our parents and people around us in our childhood. For example if a child is born in a specific religious family he or she will believe all the things about that religion without questioning its authenticity. This happens because parents or people around that child also believe that whatever they are teaching to their children is right even though they don’t know the validity of their own belief. Most of the times parents learn about that belief from their parents and this chain continue from parents to children and no one bothers to think for a second that what we are believe in make sense or not. For them most of the times it is quite difficult to criticize or deeply analyse their own beliefs. Moreover they possess less tolerance towards beliefs other than their own.
Second way of believing in something is the use of mind. Humans have got the brain and sense of curiosity as a blessing. For those who follow this way always question the authenticity of the belief before believing. They do not accept something because someone told them that it’s good to have certain belief. They listen to different opinions, analyse them, check their authenticity and then make them part of their life. Moreover it is never hard for them to change their beliefs because they are open to listen and possess high tolerance towards their beliefs.
Furthermore beliefs can be classified on the ecological level. There are mainly two types in this classification as well. First one is the self-belief or individual belief; second one is the communal belief. Communal belief can be defined as the sum of self believes in a certain community. Although there is a possibility of differences in self-beliefs in a specific community, however these differences usually are not strong enough to affect or change the communal belief which is already established in a society. Extent of this change is different across different cultures. For example in East Asian society which holds the collectivist culture, it’s quite hard to go against the cultural norms or beliefs which are already established in the society. However in America as a multicultural society there is a room for all sorts of beliefs and to follow them.
In short, beliefs are one of the most important things which define our personality. Our actions are the reflection of what we believe. believes are the important part of humans however to develop a certain belief it is important to think in an open way and listen to other’s points as well. If we will be able to do so I hope we won’t believe in dumb things that easily.


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