Education as an approach

Before defining the “purpose of education” first comes the definition of education. Actually it’s the definition of education itself which leads to its purpose. Definition of education lies in the cognitive approach of people living around the world. It can be different in different cultures and settings. However, there are two main ways usually people think about it.

First and vastly accepted approach towards education is the possession of degree for the sake of better job chances and status in society. There are plenty of examples that will replicate this approach towards education. Even in our school settings if we conduct a survey about education we will get a huge proportion of answers that will be based on the significance of degree in job hunting as well as in securing safe future. Actually this thinking approach towards education is deeply constructed in the social and cultural norms in the society.

Moreover, the status of good education and education schools is completely based on the “numbers” and “alphabets”. For example, the most important factor considered in a university’s ranking is the “number” of published papers in different journals. Here “number” of published papers is directly proportional to the ranking of university. As for “Alphabets” grades play their role in class settings. Grades are the standard to judge one’s accomplishment in a class. There is a scale from “A” to “F” which represents the student’s education and accomplishment. However most of the students study for this “A” rather than for the sake of learning, in result they forget everything right after their final exam.

Second approach towards education is not widely practiced around the world and that approach is to seek education for the sake of education. In this approach primary goal of the education seeker is not to get hold on a degree or to get jobs or so and forth. His primary goal is to learn and to vast his understanding and knowledge through education. Grades and degrees are just the by products for them which will come in a good along with their knowledge. If we compare both of these approaches we will see that the present education is majorly based on the first approach and most of the schools are working like factories to produce similar kind of products. After observing this situation, we can say that education’s quality has been decreased quite a bit recently.

This all represents the state of mind we possess today. We are being raised in this environment to believe in education as a source of money and status. This has become a cultural norm, to be more precisely a universal norm. If we have to know what really the education is then first, we have to fight with our own thoughts related to education which are being implanted in us through environment. We need to revise our basics and to re think about our concepts of education. Although it’s easy to say this but it’s quite hard to implement it.


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