An observer of cultural narratives, ideological differences, socio-political theories, East vs West, Religion, social issues and cultural differences.

I am  student of psychology at Yonsei University, S Korea. I have experienced the extreme environments of developing countries and observed  the social problems of extremism, class stratification, political crisis and corruption on several social and cultural level. I have come to an understanding that there is a lack of understanding between people of different cultures mainly Western and Eastern in general and Islamic in specific.

This blog is the platform to understand different cultural and social narratives, social problems and their underlying psycho-social causes. There will be several new theories to interpret the facts in different ways. Posts will cover a number of different topics that might include philosophy, politics, economics etc. In short this blog will serve the purpose of observation of ourselves and our society in a different way.

Please feel free to comment and give your opinions as your opinions will give a different angle to understand the same topic. All of the opinions and criticism will be more than welcome.


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